Wednesday, 16 March 2016

City Of Cape Town - I have A Drug Problem Campaign

This fantastic poster campaign by King James for the city of Cape Town was launched last year and features a number of well known local personalities, including singer Jimmy Nevis, DJ Ian Bredenkamp, comedian Siv Ngesi and even the Mayor Patricia De Lille (to name just a few) in a fight against substance abuse. I'm a great supporter of this campaign. Its strong photography and use of bold clean typography is brilliant, but like the celebrities, I also have a problem but mines not a drug related one, but instead to do with the posters copy writing...

In the posters the personalities state their name and that they "have a (serious) drug problem" or "I'm putting an end to my drug problem". For me the double entendre would of worked better if they would of stated that "I have a (serious) problem with drugs" or "I'm putting an end to my problem with drugs". I know it's a subtle change, but it just plays on me each time I see it, which I don't want to happen as I really support everything else about the campaign. That said, the posters do make you look twice so they are certainly working.

In addition, I am glad to report that this campaign has been a super success with a marked increase in people requesting assistance with substance abuse in the Western Cape since it's launch in March.

Click here to read more about this great campaign.
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