Classic Brands

Brands: Some change subtlety, yet others have had a complete face lift throughout their life span. We often take them for granted, but we live with these items and symbols every single day. They communicate, guide us and often without us even being aware of it, have a deep attachment to them, like an old friend or family member they instil trust in us.

Classic Brands Part 1 - The Origin of Branding

In today's world of business a brand is likely to be a corporation’s most valuable asset. It's the DNA of most companies and represents everything that a business or its products stand for. So what is the origin of branding? Well the word itself comes from the old Norse "Brandr", meaning "to burn", however its believed that branding could possibly be traced back even further, as far as 3000BC. Read more...

Classic Brands Part 2 - Trademark No 1

In my Classic Brands series, I am going to feature interesting facts and a brief history to some of the worlds most iconic branding and packaging designs. I couldn't think of a better place to begin the series than with the worlds very first registered Trade Mark, the instantly identifiable red-triangle of the Bass Pale Ale logo. It's such a significant brand icon that it features within a number of the worlds best known works of art and novels. Read more...
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Todd Anderson is an award winning British designer currently based in Cape Town, developing innovative brand and packaging solutions with a variety of clients; partnering with some of the world's largest retailers, alongside nurturing smaller companies just starting out.

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